Anyone can be a “Rock” star!

Do you want to do something special for your child, recognizing a special occasion or accomplishment? You can tell them how proud you are by painting it on the Spirit Rock for everyone in the school to see.


Reservations MUST be made to paint the Rock.
Reservations are processed on a first-comefirst-served basis. Please keep in mind, that the earlier you make your reservation, the more likely you are to secure your desired date(s). Additionally, there are typically 180 school days per year, and we have over 500 students. So, please be understanding if the date you request is unavailable.

Your reservation is very important!
When you reserve the Rock, you agree to paint your child’s Rock during your reserved day/time ONLY. Please be courteous of other families by not painting before your time slot. The Rock runs on the honor system, with the hopes that everyone will respect these guidelines.

Spirit Rock paintings MUST be in good taste.
CSES Staff and PTO will monitor the Spirit Rock and have the right to remove any painting deemed inappropriate by school administration without notice to those who painted the rock.

All individuals must supply their own paint.
The individual or group painting the rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group who may be injured and/or incur clothing or other personal property damage. Please be kind to our environment and recycle empty paint cans, etc.

Special Rock “black-out” dates.
To celebrate important school events such as the annual Fun Run and end of year 5thgrade activities, there will be times when the rock is reserved specifically for the PTO/School.

*By reserving a date, you agree to adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines.


Some helpful tips for painting the rock.

  1. Plan your design ahead of time by sketching out your ideas, choosing colors, etc.
  2. The most popular and fastest drying paint to use is spray paint. You will probably need 2 cans for a good base coat (more if your base coat is white).
  3. Small (1”) brushes or sponges work well for lettering and details.
  4. A piece of chalk is helpful for writing any letters/words before painting.
  5. Bring a trash bag to take home all items as you will need to properly discard all painting supplies at home and not on school grounds.

Special thanks to Trilogy for providing our Spirit Rock!

Spirit Rock – February 2020

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What When Total Spots Available Spots
What When Total Spots Available Spots
Sun. 2/2 –– Tues. 2/4 at 4pmFebruary 2, 202010
Tues. 2/4 at 4pm –– Thurs. 2/6 at 4pmFebruary 4, 202011 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Thurs. 2/6 at 4pm –– Sat. 2/8February 6, 202011 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Sun. 2/9 –– Tues. 2/11 at 4pmFebruary 9, 202010
Tues. 2/11 at 4pm –– Thurs. 2/13 at 4pmFebruary 11, 202010
Thurs. 2/13 at 4pm –– Sat. 2/15February 13, 202010
Sun. 2/16 –– Tues. 2/18 at 4pmFebruary 16, 202011 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Tues. 2/18 at 4pm –– Thurs. 2/20 at 4pmFebruary 18, 202011 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Thurs. 2/20 at 4pm –– Sat. 2/22February 20, 202010
Sun. 2/23 –– Tues. 2/25 at 4pmFebruary 23, 202010
Tues. 2/25 at 4pm –– Thurs. 2/27 at 4pmFebruary 25, 202010
Thurs. 2/27 at 4pm –– Sat. 2/29February 27, 202010

Spirit Rock – March 2020

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What When Total Spots Available Spots
What When Total Spots Available Spots
Sun. 3/1 –– Tues. 3/3 at 4pmMarch 1, 202010
Tues. 3/3 at 4pm –– Thurs. 3/5 at 4pmMarch 3, 202010
Thurs. 3/5 at 4pm –– Sat. 3/7March 5, 202010
Sun. 3/8 –– Tues. 3/10 at 4pmMarch 8, 202010
Tues. 3/10 at 4pm –– Thurs. 3/12 at 4pmMarch 10, 202010
Thurs. 3/12 at 4pm –– Sat. 3/14March 12, 202010
Sun. 3/15 –– Tues. 3/17 at 4pmMarch 15, 202010
Tues. 3/17 at 4pm –– Thurs. 3/19 at 4pmMarch 17, 202010
Thurs. 3/19 at 4pm –– Sat. 3/21March 19, 202010
Sun. 3/22 –– Tues. 3/24 at 4pmMarch 22, 202010
Tues. 3/24 at 4pm –– Thurs. 3/26 at 4pmMarch 24, 202010
Thurs. 3/26 at 4pm –– Sat. 3/28March 26, 202010
Sun. 3/29 –– Tues. 3/31 at 4pmMarch 29, 202010